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[TubeMate] Trouble Shoot

0. Fixing general problems.

1) Please install the latest version at http://tubemate.net
Older versions could not work properly. Moreover, you could have fake infected TubeMate, unless you installed TubeMate from http://tubemate.net
2) Please click refresh button at the bottom of the screen, if you see white blank screen or fails to fetch video information.
See #1 below.

1. Do you just get white blank screen?

Please click refresh button at the bottom of the screen.
Most problems are caused from the browser cache(cookie).
(If you are logging in YouTube, it will log you out from youtube.)



2. Why does update dialog show up even though I updated it?

You could have two TubeMates - old one and new one.
You might run the old one by mistake.
Please check the application list and uninstall old one.
See the uninstallation guide : http://m.tubemate.net/help/uninstall.jsp

3. How to install TubeMate at http://tubemate.net

See installation guide at http://m2.tubemate.net/help/install.jsp

4. I can't download videos.

1) Please install the latest version at http://tubemate.net
Older versions could not work properly by the change of YouTube. Please keep the latest version.
2) Please click 'refresh button' to clear browser cache.(See #1)
3) Please check whether your storage is enough.
4) Please change your network(mobile<->WiFi) and try again.
Your network could block to access YouTube for some reason.
5) Please reboot your device and try again.
Sometimes it is caused from the network module on Android. Generally it will get back to work after rebooting.

5. I got disconnected while downloading.

It causes by various reasons.
1) The poor connectivity between youtube and android device.(Transport endpoint is not connected, Socket is not connected, Connection timed out, ...)
It is the known issue of android platform from which every application suffers.
So, I added 20-times auto-retry function, which means that if you see that error message, it means it has disconnected 21 times.
If you are suffering from it too frequently, I recommend you turn off "fast download mode" in the preferences. I'm trying to improve it. please keep tuned.
2) Killed by Android. (The job is no longer available)
Android kills background applications automatically when it requires more memory.
So please try not to launch other applications while downloading.
3) Not enough space
When you don't have enough space, downloading stops automatically.
fast downloading requires more memory to merge fragment files.
So you can try to turn off 'fast download mode' in the preferences.
4) Broken network (Broken routing)
Sometimes it requires to reset your network(router).
In fact it is not the problem of TubeMate, but the network between your device and youtube.
You can turn off and on your WiFi or your router.

6. Downloading speed is too slow.

Basically download speed depends on the condition of the network. TubeMate just maximizes network utilization with multiple connections. On WiFi, TubeMate maximum speed is 4x faster than PC.
1) Please turn off 'fast download mode' in the preferences and try again.
In some areas, 'Fast download mode' seems to be blocked or useless.
2) Please adjust the options for the fast download at 'Preferences > Fast Download Tweaks'
7. How to save videos to SD card.
As a default, video files are saved into '/mnt/sdcard/Video' which is located on SD card on most devices. But In some devices like Samsung galaxy series, it is located on internal storage. So you need to change download folder to '/mnt/sdcard/external_sd' or '/mnt/sdcard/sd' or somewhere indicating SD card.
You can learn how to change the folder at http://m.tubemate.net/help/change_folder.jsp

7. How to save videos to SD external card?

TubeMate automatically save videos to /mnt/sdcard/Video folder. Almost all devices have this folder in SD external card. However, Samsung Galaxy series have this folder in phone device internal drive. So if you want to save videos to SD card, please go to preferences and change your download folder as '/mnt/sdcard/external_sd' or '/mnt/sdcard/sd' or any folder in SD external card.
If you don't know how to change the saving folder, please look at http://m.tubemate.net/help/change_folder.jsp.

8. Some problems with MP3.

As TubeMate informs you, The file you downloaded as MP3 is not a real MP3 file. So It could have such problems
1) Music Player can't play it or is force-closed when you try to play.
2) When you reboot your device, it disappears from music library and shows up on gallery as a video.
3) It can't be used for ringtone.
So You'd better download vidoes and convert them to MP3. TubeMate doesn't provide MP3 converting feature. It just helps you to download a MP3 media converter. You can use alternative MP3 converters.

9. Fails to play downloaded video.

TubeMate just downloads video files encoded by youtube. TubeMate doesn't convert them. But some devices doesn't support playing high resolutions and FLV.
1) Please try the lowest resolution (e.g. 320x240).
Some devices doesn't support playing in high resolutions or some file formats(e.g. FLV)
2) Please reboot your device.
Sometimes the video player on Android becomes a mess and you need to reboot your device.
3) Please Try 3rd party video players like 'MX Player', 'Mobo Player', 'Soul Movies'
* MX Player supports Software decoding(S/W). and it will fix many problems in playing.
4) Please wait until downloading and merging is completed
'Fast download mode' requires merging separated files. If you play the video before downloading is completed, it can cause an error.
5) Please delete the file and re-download it.
Data could be broken while downloading.
6) Are you downloading other videos?
If you play a video while downloading other videos - too many vidoes, it makes overload on your storage which can cause an error on playing. If you turn off 'fast download mode', it will be alleviated.

10. I want to download HD and Full-HD.

Resolutions of a video are depends on the quality of uploaded video in youtube.
If you want to check HD or Full-HD videos, please try to search with the keyword of 'HD'.

11. I can't find videos on TubeMate which is shown on YouTube in the PC

Youtube restricts some videos in the mobile youtube (http://m.youtube.com).
So, TubeMate provides 'Desktop Mode' which you can choose by pushing 'menu' button on your device.
But, Be careful. 'Desktop mode' can make your device extremely slow.

13. How can I change default video player?

See http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/43135/how-to-change-the-default-application-for-android-tasks/

16. Why downloaded video doesn't show up in my gallery?

1) Some android devices show videos only in the SD card. So, You should change download folder to external sd card if you are using a device like Samsung galaxy S which has internal storage.
2) Some users complained about auto media scanning after downloading, so I turned off it as a default, which makes gallery update late. You can change it in the preferences.

17. Videos disappears from the download list, right after upgrade a new version of TubeMate.

Did you change download folder then install a new version?
A new version scans only default download folder(sdcard/Video). So if you downloaded videos in different folder, they will not show up in download list.
You can also use '+' button on top of the download list to add the files in some folders

20. Can I get VEVO videos?

Yes, You can get them even though the videos say 'The video is not available on mobile'. You can download them by just click the download button (green down arrow) at the bottom of the screen.

21. How can I verify rated R restriction of age?

You can't verify rated R restriction of age on TubeMate (YouTube mobile site). You should verify your age on PC with your google account, then log-in on TubeMate with that account.

22. I tried to install TubeMate, but I can't touch the install button.

Did you install screen filter apps like "2x Battery" or "Screen Filter"?
There is the report that such apps block the installation of other apps by the bug of Android.
Please uninstall them and try again.

23. I can't install TubeMate at http://tubemate.net

1) First, please check installation guide at http://m.tubemate.net/help/install.jsp
2) Please check whether there is enough space to download the installation file(.apk).
3) If you already have TubeMate, please uninstall it first. Please see http://m.tubemate.net/help
4) Please check whether there is enough space for applications. Android has a separated storage for applications. So, if it is full, you should uninstall less-used applications or move them to sd-card.
5) If you still can't install it, please check #22.

24. When I resume downloading, it starts from the beginning.

1) Please install the latest version(
2) Please don't delete temporary files when you re-launch TubeMate.

25. Why is there only a fake TubeMate  and not the official TubeMate on Google Play?
The official TubeMate is not and will never be on Google play. 
Google owns YouTube and they don't allow any other YouTube downloader apps. Therefore, TubeMate only offers by 3rd party market such as OperaStore and AmazonStore. Furthermore, TubeMate will be never offered by Google play.
If you see any TubeMate on Google play, they are fake ones and these contains lots of viruses, so DON'T download it for your safety.
Please don't blame TubeMate with this problem. 
I already discussed about this problem with Google and they have tried to fix the problem.
But they are not that responsible and don't care about users and developers that much especially on weekend!!
Please be aware of this fakes apps and DON'T download TubeMate on Google play.  

26. How to re-install TubeMate clearly?
Please follow the direction:
1) Uninstall TubeMate (See http://m.tubemate.net/help)
2) Remove the folder /mnt/sdcard/.tubemate with a file manager like 'Astro File Manager.
3) Intall the latest TubeMate at http://tubemate.net


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